Me and ADHD

I have it. Learned that at age 52 or so.  Explained a lot.  Still does.  My work is dedicated to helping those with it,  their families and loved ones,  their bosses and Co-workers,  their health insurers (losing battle,  that one). I am  a Family Physician,  been one since 1979. Decided to specialize in ADHD in 2005. Have seen over 3000 people since then,  most with ADHD of one type or another.  Age range 3 to 72. This is my life work.  My previous experience prepared my well for it,  including learning that “see patients in 12-15 minutes”medicine is NOT good medical care.  Not caring… except for the bottom line of course.  Not the docs fault, insurers drive the bus.

Never have been able to play the “here you go,  try this med.  come back later if you have a tough problem” game. First thing I learned in med school was that “disease tells it’s secrets in casual parentheses” – Wilfred Trotter, as quoted by Dr. Charles Aring,  Professor Emeritus of Neurology at Univ Cincinnati College of Medicine.  Everything I have seen in the past 38 years bears that out.

More later, stay tuned.

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